Don’t ignore the question

When your customers ask you a question, take the time to answer it. If they ask more than one, find a way to answer them all. When questions are asked, customers are looking for solutions, reassurance or general information. Included in the service you provide, is an obligation to provide information.

As product or service providers, we must anticipate that our clients/customers will ask questions from time to time. The questions may seem silly and irrelevant, but they aren’t to be dismissed. Quite frankly, an absurd question may provide insight into a product problem or usage that you hadn’t thought of. You may stumble on the opportunity to improve your product, improve your service delivery or possibly create a new product altogether.

In any case, do not dismiss what was asked of you. Take the time to understand the question or query and then come up with an appropriate response. Your response doesn’t have to be favourable to the client, nor does it have to be answered in the forum asked. However, it is incumbent on you to provide a response.

I am magical. A lover of love, food and Christmas. Work? Customer retention and operations.

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